Be nice:  Mean behavior is not the right way to start. Make sure that your kids are nice to others and they respect others while avoiding hurtful and embarrassing messages. Communicating properly is the key to a better social circle. If your kids receive any bullying message or inappropriate content ask them to inform an adult as soon as possible.

Maintaining privacy: Make sure that your kids don’t leak information that is confidential such as passwords, personal information, your home address, and gossip. 

Don’t lie, steal, or cheat: Deceiving others is not a good deed. Teach them that lying to parents or elders is considered as a bad thing. Make this a habit for your kids that they never lie. Although it’s easy to cheat to get benefits at that current moment, in the long run, these things will haunt your kids. 

Victim of cyberbullying: Teach your kids to stand up to bullies and fight for your rights. If they see someone being bullied, they should try to stop it. Furthermore, never let your kid bully anyone. 

Reporting inappropriate stuff: Whenever your kids encounter any inappropriate stuff make it their duty to report it or inform any adult nearby about the things they saw. 

Rules: Make sure your kids follow the rules you set. For example, if you have banned a website and still your kid visits/use that website then it is an eye-opener for you as your kid has started disobeying your orders.

Family: Make your kids spend more time with their family rather than spending hours and hours on computers. This helps in developing a good bond between family members. 

Sharing stuff online: Teach them to think before posting, sharing or texting anyone. Make sure that your kids are not posting inappropriate stuff online. It’s not easy to undo things you have done online so make sure your kids think before they do anything. 

Don’t friend a stranger: Making new online friends seems nice. Sometimes the person you meet on social media doesn’t turn out to be the same as you expected. Parents should keep an eye on their kids so they don’t get involved with a stranger who might harm kids. 

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