Why spying is a good option:

Children entering an unsafe zone

Spying can be better when we are talking about the places where children go. Children tend to visit places that they are unaware of so keeping an eye on them would be a good option here. There are certain apps that allow you to keep tabs on your kids. 

Identity theft on Social Media

Cybercrimes have increased to quite some extent nowadays. Stealing the identity of kids is easier, misuse of identity has become common. Furthermore, kids meet strangers on social media on a daily basis. Keeping an eye on your kids’ activities will be a good thing in this context. 


Bullying has become more common than ever before. It has become a serious issue that needs to be looked upon. Bullying can make your kid lose confidence and become mentally ill. Parents need to be there to stop such acts. 

According to a survey, it’s quite common for parents to snoop on their kids. Pew Research study states that more than 60% of parents keep tabs on their children’s web history. Furthermore, 35% of parents have access to their kids’ social media accounts. Earning someone’s trust is quite difficult but once you have their trust you need to keep it. Spying on someone who has no knowledge about your spying can be devastating. 

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t spy on your kids:


Your kids have their own private life. Interfering into their private life can disturb the relation you have with them. Allow them some privacy so they can feel confident about themselves and take control of their life. 


Trust is something that is earned. No amount of spying on your kids is going to make them safer rather it can lead to mutual distrust between you and your children. It can backfire and encourage children to be rebellious. The consequences of the things we stop our children from are only known by us. Until and unless they try themselves, they won’t really get what we trying to do for them. 

Parents shouldn’t blindly rely on something that offers the safety of their children. Keeping tabs on your children’s life can both be fruitful and pessimistic. Building an open, honest, and a trusting relationship are important as it opens new opportunities for children. As mentioned above both the benefits and negative effects of spying. It’s up to you to decide whether to spy on your kids or not.  


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